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Zenet Two (online book) - The Court of Amen

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ZENET - Egyptian Game of Immortality


ISBN 9781409260158

Copyright Steve Nichols (Standard Copyright Licence)

First Edition

Publisher Steve Nichols Publications

Published 28 August 2009

Language English

Pages 134

Binding Hardcover (dust-jacket)

Interior Ink Black & white

Weight 0.27 kg

Dimensions (centimetres) 15.24 wide x 22.86 tall


ZENET - Egyptian Game of Immortality is the first in a series that will build over time to form an encyclopedia of the 5,000+ year old game of Zn.t or Senet. I have tried to strike a balance between readability, Egyptological scholarship and general usefulness. Key 1. introduces preliminary concepts, plus it provides translations of important Egyptian texts, together with plenty of illustrations. ZENET can be used as a divination Oracle, as a ritual game to communicate with the Dead, as an offering to the Gods or the Akhs, as a solar and lunar meditation, a conversation with your own bA-soul, or simply as a fascinating recreational board-game. Many crucial ritual Zenet texts are included here, together with full annotations, and some new theories about the nature of this system. This volume teaches rudiments of the Middle Egyptian language which is essential to opening up knowledge (hidden for millennia past) of this uniquely powerful box brimful of deities.


THE 31st GOD

Keys to Zenet Three

new book coming soon


Court of Amen 1


 Egyptian language is full of crypticisms and word-play; and the "fingers" in the Zenet game represent both the fingers of the Great Ones whose action (stochastically thrown) determines pieces movement in the game, and also carry allusions to the fingers of a player or scribe, Servants of Thoth, Lord of game play, speech and writing. In volume 1 we looked at the importance of hieroglyphics in Zenet. Egytpology has also established that verbal jousting (like sledging in cricket) was part of Zenet during certain periods of its long history, and several such Zenet sayings and exchanges have been preserved for us. These often play on mysterious puns and interplays between three and two (unspecified - most Egyptologists assume pieces - but I think also finger throw sticks).  I will include Senet sayings throughout this online book, and more in Zenet Three (The 31st God). This quote however concerns caligraphy, not throw sticks.

The-one-who-loves-knowledge, he says:

"Let one say to me the work of the fist, the hand which labors on the divine writings."

He speaks, namely, The One-of-Heseret, he says:

Your three fingers, place the brush between them. Your two fingers, let them make a grasping.

Place the one-tenth and one-twentieth for the Great of Five, Thoth, //
send "between them [the fingers]" the ink-holder before your fingers.

Be good with your hand! // Write with your fingers! //
As for movement and staying-still, make a commanding of them to your fingers!

Every type of free-movement (is) their (the fingers) share, //
excellence in writing (means) the collection of the praises, they
being quick.

(The Ancient Egyptian Book of Thoth, Jasnow & Zauzich I,
2005, p. 215/6).

"Free-movement" is also the object of strategy and tactics in Zenet; and is combined with the spiritual freedom of our bA being able to travel where it wills, unheeded. The "passing" or passage" represented in Zenet is the passage of our bA through this life, and beyond through the duat, corollated by the final series of five squares. Our own fingers unite with causing the auspicious piece moves indivated the deity fingers as we gain their patronage, towing our solar bark, avoiding pitfalls, towards victory. 


Setting up the Djed & Tiyt

Court of Amen 2

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House of Neith

Court of Amen 3

I will fill these pages with material over the next week or so ...... I have masses of notes to wade through, several years of research ......