Health, religion, law, politics and philosophy are not separate and distinct in Kemetic thought.  Zenet play unites and represents them.

‘Father of the Fathers of the Gods’

Triumphing against adversity, often fighting alongside the gods, is a repeated theme. In the game of Zenet,  (earliest zn.t, later sn.t) we are presented with an activated summary of the New Kingdom Netjerworld philosophy. During play we strive for leadership of the Council of Thirty, through victory to become a god. Z/Senate combines Kemetic principles of Law, Governance, Religion and the Calendar. One meaning of the name of this game from the hieroglyphic symbol mn (Gardiner Y5) is “enduring” but perhaps a more onomatopoeic translation is “remaining.”  The Zenet board glyph is found  in the name of Amn (alt. Imn).  A modern descendent of Zenet is  Ba(ck-g)Ammon which translates as Ba (bA or soul) of  Amn”.

Lord of Light, Creator of Multitudes,

God of the High Plumes,

President of the Gods,

The Great Hawk who maketh the populace happy,

All mankind adoreth thee, For thou art their life.

Come to me, O Amen-Rah,

In that embrace wherein thou camest forth on that day

Wherein thou didst rise as ruler,

Wherein thou didst rise in the Heavens.

Do thou thyself run to me

As thou didst run to thy Holy Uraeus

To make thyself free from Apep [evil serpent].

I have come unto you, O Amen-Rah.

I am Thoth, Who journeyeth at the two seasons to seek for the Eye of its Lord.

I have come, I have found the Eye,

I have reckoned it up for its Lord.

Come to me, O Amen-Rah,

Guide thou me in the path whereon thou travellest.

Make me to enter in the form of a bA bird,

Make me to come forth in the form of a Lion,

Make me travel in the form of Ap-uati,

And let me not be repulsed or turned back on the roads,

On this day, On this night, In this month, In this year.

Behold, come to me, O Amen-Rah,

And open thou for me the two doors of the sky,

And unclose for me the two doors of the earth,

And throw open before me the precincts of the divine house.

I have looked upon the God, I have come to him,

And his two Uraei hath enclosed me.

I have entered in with the statue of Ma’at

In order that Amen-Rah, The Lord of the Throne of the Two Lands,

May make peace with his beautiful Ma’at (alt. MAat) of this day.

Chapter of Praising Amen [Extract from B.D.]

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